Starting as early as the 70s, Graphical User Interface Design has been the face of technology (pun intended). It has been evolving continuously due to a variety of creative design structures. And UI Design layouts are designed by the community regularly.

This industry has matured rapidly throughout time and designers…

User Experience (UX) Design, is a term first introduced by Don Norman, an American researcher, and author. He has a fascination for design and hatred for doors (because they are always poorly designed).

  • Let’s start with a paragraph on What is UX Design?

In a nutshell, UX Design is about…

What is design and why does it matter?

That is a question I sometimes think of, as I’m sure many others do as well. To define design, I’d say it is to devise a plan to execute something so it may have a purpose or a function.

The design has a vast terminology and it can vary from…

Umer “pyrOlogist” Waseem

I am a User Experience Designer focusing on Human Centered Design on a mission to solve design problems and creating optimal and impactful solutions.

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